Sun Protective Dog Cooling Vest

Superior material and high-class tailoring for our beloved.


Color: Night Green

Night Green

Size: 1 (about 3kg)

1 (about 3kg)
2 (about 4kg)
3 (about 6kg)
4 (about 8kg)
5 (about 10kg)
6 (about 14kg)
7 (about 18kg)
8 (about 20kg)
Size Chart

<How to measure your dog>

For correct measurement, 
measure when your dog is standing in its natural position.


Measure the thickest girth of the chest and choose the right size from the size chart.

STEP 02 Measure from the shoulder blade to right before the tail.
Check if the chosen size is too short or long.

STEP 03 Measure the thickest girth of the neck and check if the chosen size is appropriate.

STEP 04 Check the body weight and determine the size.

<Size Chart>

Size Chart - Gasu - Sun Protective Dog Cooling Vest
Please don’t hesitate to contact 2&4 Pets if you have any questions about size checking, we are ready to help!

The size may differ by 1 to 3 cm depending on the design and fabric of products.

Feature Highlights:

  • UPF1000+ rating for superior sun protection
  • Cooling, skin-friendly fabric for comfort
  • Belly-hugging cut for a secure fit
  • Elastic, tight shape for a sleek look
  • 4 stylish colours to choose from
  • Available in 8 sizes to fit various breeds, perfect for multi-breed usage

How to use?

Basic Cooling:

  • Put on the Vest: Adjust the chest and collar for a snug fit.
  • Instant Cooling: The fabric cools your pet immediately upon wearing.

Enhanced Cooling:

  • Spray or Soak: For hotter days, spray the vest with water or soak it and wring out the excess.
  • Wear the Damp Vest: Place the damp vest on your pet for a stronger cooling effect.


  • Avoid Over-Wetting: Do not over-wet, especially for thin-haired dogs, to prevent skin issues.
  • Monitor Health: Avoid long-term outdoor activities in extreme heat and keep an eye on your pet's health.

Product Description:

Ensure your pet stays cool and protected with the Sun Protective Dog Cooling Vest, an essential addition to your dog's summer wardrobe. Available in 4 vibrant colours and 8 different sizes, this vest is designed to accommodate a wide range of breeds, offering both style and functionality.

The new edition of 2024 introduces a slimmer silhouette, providing a more form-fitting design compared to the slightly loose fit of last year's model. The cooling vest boasts a UPF1000+ rating, enhancing sun protection by over 20 times, making it ideal for temperature-sensitive pups who need extra care under the sun.

The cooling, skin-friendly fabric ensures your dog remains comfortable throughout the day, effectively lowering body temperature and providing a refreshing sensation. The vest’s belly-hugging cut and elastic, tight shape ensure a secure and sleek fit, allowing your dog to move freely while staying protected from harmful UV rays.

Many pet owners also appreciate the vest's practicality as a daily wear item, helping to separate fur from external dust and dirt. The Sun Protective Dog Cooling Vest is easy to maintain, making it a reliable choice for everyday use. Treat your pet to this innovative cooling vest and enjoy a worry-free summer with your furry friend.


Product Features:
💜 Slim, form-fitting silhouette
💜 Superior UPF1000+ sun protection
💜 Doubles as a daily dust barrier
💜 Lightweight, nude-feel fabric
💜 Sustainable, ice-cooling technology
💜 Enhanced antibacterial properties
💜 Elegant, sporty design

💜 Basic Usage: Simply put on the vest to activate the cooling effect. Ideal for mild cooling needs.

💜 Enhanced Cooling: For extra heat, moisten the vest evenly with a water sprayer, wring out excess water, and dress your pet. Ensure the vest is not dripping wet to prevent skin issues.

💜 Regularly check your pet's comfort and health. Limit prolonged sun exposure and plan outings according to the weather.

87% Cotton, 13% Spandex

Care Guide:
🧼 Washing:
Machine wash with cold water, gentle cycle, similar colours.

🌬️ Drying:
Air dry away from direct sunlight.
Do not tumble dry.

⚠️ Usage Caution:
Avoid sharp or rough surfaces to prevent fabric damage.

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