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About 2&4 Pets

As founders of 2&4 Pets, we chose the brand's name to symbolise the bond between 2-legged humans and 4-legged pets, celebrating the love we share with our furry companions. We are two female architects living in London, inspired by our gentle blue Italian greyhound, Shika, who is the driving force behind 2&4 Pets.

In our journey to create a store that truly connects with pet owners, we realised how our local community in Greenwich embraces pet-friendliness. As pet owners ourselves, we know that having a pet changes the way you live, and many decisions include consideration for them. We wish to create a store that takes in these considerations and truly makes the lives of pets and pet owners easier and more enjoyable.

Our journey began when we were disappointed by the pet accessories available in the market, lacking attention to tailoring, fit, fabrics, and functionalities. We firmly believe pets deserve products that prioritise their comfort and well-being. As architects, we value both form and function, so we aim to curate stylish and functional products for every occasion. We only want to sell pet things that we'd want to wear for ourselves!  

Our store's collection showcases our commitment. From cozy fleece, trendy rain jackets, to stylish pet carriers, picnic and floor mats, and even special poop bags, each item is thoughtfully sourced from around the world. From established brands to local artisans, our collection keeps growing. We strive to elevate pet accessories to match human fashion, allowing both pets and owners look and feel fabulous.

We hope you enjoy them as we do!