Multifunctional Designer Dog Leash

Style Meets Function: Elegant Leash for Everyday Adventures


Color: Moss Green

Moss Green
Classic Black

Size: 160 x 0.8cm

160 x 0.8cm
Spanish Cowhide Leather Binding for Sophistication

The brand's multi-use leash, a culmination of over 10 months of meticulous development and production, is a testament to its dedication to sophistication and practicality. Crafted with 8mm nylon linen round rope, this leash is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. The Spanish cowhide leather hemming adds an extra layer of refinement, making it a statement piece of functional elegance.

Multi-Functional with High-Quality Hardware

This leash stands out with its multi-functional buckle, strategically placed for a variety of uses. The high-quality hardware enables the leash to be shortened, stored, or even hung on belt loops, exemplifying functionalism and simplicity. The product’s versatility adapts to various occasions, making it an essential travel accessory.

Color Variations to Suit Every Style

The leash comes in two rope color choices - brown and black, each paired with different shades of leather decoration. Color options like Moss Green, Apricot, Classic Black, and Caramel, each with either silver or gold hardware, cater to different style preferences.

1ER Bud: Redefining Pet Clothing and Accessory Aesthetics and Functionality

1ER Bud emerges as a pet supply brand that prioritizes design aesthetics and texture, embodying the essence of being 'first' or 'prime' in a pet owner's life. The brand's ethos is rooted in the deep significance pets hold as family, partners, friends, and steadfast companions. 1ER Bud's creations stem from a love for pets, expressed through thoughtful design and the warmth of the product's quality.

This leash from 1ER Bud is not just an accessory; it's an extension of the love and bond shared between a pet and its owner, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Product Features:
Sophisticated Spanish Cowhide Leather Binding
Ideal Diameter for Small and Medium Dogs
Practical Multi-Functional Buckle
Durable, High-Quality Hardware
Variety of Stylish Color Options
Perfect for Travel and Everyday Use

Nylon linen
Spanish cowhide leather binding

Care Guide:
Clean leather with a damp cloth, especially after mud or moisture exposure, and regularly condition it to maintain softness and shine.

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