Limited Edition - Dog Wool Pullover

Superior material and high-class tailoring for our beloved.


Color: Smilax China

Smilax China
Virgin Wool
Icland Landscape

Size: 1 (about 3kg)

1 (about 3kg)
2 (about 4kg)
3 (about 6kg)
4 (about 8kg)
5 (about 11kg)
6 (about 14kg)
7 (about 17kg)
Size Chart

<How to measure your dog>

For correct measurement, 
measure when your dog is standing in its natural position.


 Measure the thickest girth of the chest and choose the right size from the size chart.

STEP 02 Measure from the shoulder blade to right before the tail.
Check if the chosen size is too short or long.

STEP 03 Measure the thickest girth of the neck and check if the chosen size is appropriate.

STEP 04 Check the body weight and determine the size.

<Size Chart>

Size Chart - Gasu - Svelte 2-Leg Wool Dog Pullover
Please don’t hesitate to contact 2&4 Pets if you have any questions about size checking, we are ready to help!

The size may differ by 1 to 3 cm depending on the design and fabric of products.

Specially tailored for Italian greyhound, whippet and thinnish breeds! 🌟

Feature Highlights:

  • Limited edition with premium wool fabric
  • Special texture that feels luxurious against the skin
  • Ideal for spring and autumn seasons
  • Curve shape ensures a snug and comfortable fit
  • Available in 3 elegant colours and 7 sizes

Product Description:

The 2-Leg Dog Wool Pullover by GASU is an exclusive, limited edition piece designed to offer unparalleled comfort and style for your pet. This pullover is crafted from high-quality wool, providing a special texture that is both soft and luxurious. Ideal for the transitional seasons of spring and autumn, this pullover ensures your dog stays warm without overheating.

Tailored to fit breeds such as Italian Greyhounds and Whippets, the pullover features a curve shape that fits snugly along your pet's body, offering both comfort and freedom of movement. Available in seven sizes, this pullover ensures that every dog can find a perfect fit.

Choose from three sophisticated colours inspired by nature: Smilax China, Virgin Wool, and Iceland Landscape. Each colour reflects the natural beauty of these elements, adding a touch of elegance to your pet's wardrobe.

GASU's commitment to quality and detail is evident in this limited edition pullover, making it a must-have for any pet owner looking to combine style and practicality. Whether for a casual outing or a cosy day at home, the 2-Leg Dog Wool Pullover keeps your pet comfortable and stylish.


Product Features:
Elegantly Curved Fit for Sleek Breeds
Limited Edition Wool for Italian Greyhounds and Whippets
High-Quality Wool for Autumn to Winter Warmth
Customised Textured Wool Fabric
Nature-Inspired Unique Colourways
Tactile Experience of Unshorn Wool
Warmth and Style Harmoniously Combined

Iceland Landscape: 40% Wool, 40%Cotton, 11% Tencel

Virgin Wool: 40% Wool, 40% Cotton, 11% Tencel

Smilax Chine: 100% Wool

Care Guide:
🧼 Washing:
Dry clean or hand wash with professional wool detergent in cold water.

🌬️ Drying:
Air dry away from direct sunlight.
Do not tumble dry.

⚠️ Usage Caution:
Avoid frequent washing to maintain the quality and longevity of the wool.

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