Detachable 4-Leg Dog Raincoat With Snood | Brick Blue

Superior material and high-class tailoring for our beloved.


Size: 1 (about 3kg)

1 (about 3kg)
2 (about 4kg)
3 (about 6kg)
4 (about 8kg)
5 (about 10kg)
6 (about 14kg)
7 (about 18kg)

Style With Detachable Snood: No Snood

No Snood
With Snood
Size Chart

<How to measure your dog>

For correct measurement, 
measure when your dog is standing in its natural position.


 Measure the thickest girth of the chest and choose the right size from the size chart.

STEP 02 Measure from the shoulder blade to right before the tail.
Check if the chosen size is too short or long.

STEP 03 Measure the thickest girth of the neck and check if the chosen size is appropriate.

STEP 04 Check the body weight and determine the size.

<Size Chart>

Size Chart - Gasu - Detachable 4-Leg Dog Raincoat With Snood
Please don’t hesitate to contact 2&4 Pets if you have any questions about size checking, we are ready to help!

The size may differ by 1 to 3 cm depending on the design and fabric of products.

Convertible dog raincoat featuring a snood and leash hook on the back for ultimate convenience and style! 🌟

Feature Highlights:

  • Optional rain hat for heavy rain.
  • Convertible design: 4-legs to 2-legs.
  • Superior water resistance and windproof.
  • Maintains shape, machine washable.
  • Quick-drying fabric.
  • Available in sizes up to SIZE 7 (chest circumference 81cm).
  • Adding a trendy touch with 5 colours options.

Product Description:

Discover the latest in pet outdoor apparel, crafted for discerning owners who treat their pets like family. Our upgraded, robust nylon/polyester raincoat offers superior water resistance and windproof qualities, ensuring your pet remains dry and cozy. With enhanced breathability and a waterproof inner layer, this garment is ideal for unpredictable weather across spring, autumn, and early winter.

The raincoat’s aesthetic and functional appeal is evident in the popular "Brick Blue" and other 4 colour options, ensuring your pet stays stylish while being fully protected. Engineered to handle hydrostatic pressures up to 10000mmH2O, the raincoat prevents rain penetration and dries quickly, ready for your pet’s next outdoor adventure.

This innovative design is versatile, switching easily between a 4-legs and a 2-legs configuration to suit changing weather, promoting comfort and freedom of movement. Available in a range of sizes, including a new SIZE 7, it caters to a wide array of breeds, ensuring a perfect fit.

Choose Detachable 4-Leg Dog Raincoat for style, comfort, and durability, reflecting your commitment to your pet’s wellbeing and quality of life.


Product Features:
Full Coverage 4-Leg Raincoat Design
Ideal for Spring, Autumn, and Early Winter Use
Breathable Inner Layer for Comfort
Adjustable Features for Snug Fit
Detachable Design for Versatility
Customised High-Density Nylon for Waterproofing and Rapid Drying
Stiff and Windproof Fabric Quality
Hydrostatic Pressure Level of 10,000mmH20

100% Polyester

Care Guide:
🧼 Washing:
Machine wash with cold water, gentle cycle, similar colours.
Quick 15-minute wash; avoid soaking.

🌬️ Drying:
Air dry away from direct sunlight.
Do not tumble dry.

⚠️ Usage Caution:
The hook design serves solely as a support feature and should not be considered a replacement for a harness or collar. It's not designed to withstand the full force of a dog pulling, risking fabric damage.

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