Adjustable Puffer Dog Vest

Designed to fit Italian Greyhound and whippet body shapes.


Color: Black


Size: S


Style: No Snood

No Snood
With Snood
Size Chart

<How to measure your dog>

For correct measurement,
measure when your dog is standing in its natural position.


Measure the thickest girth of the chest and choose the right size from the size chart.

STEP 02 Measure from the shoulder blade to right before the tail.
Check if the chosen size is too short or long.

STEP 03 Measure the thickest girth of the neck and check if the chosen size is appropriate.

<Size Chart>

Size Chart_ULAHOUND_ Adjustable Puffer Dog Vest
Please don’t hesitate to contact 2&4 Pets if you have any questions about size checking, we are ready to help!

The size may differ by 1 to 3 cm depending on the design and fabric of products.
Unparalleled Warmth: The Ultimate Dog Puffer Vest

Experience the epitome of pet comfort with the Ulahound Adjustable Puffer Dog Vest, a quintessential addition to your dog's winter wardrobe. Infused with the warmth of infant-grade down cotton, this vest is synonymous with high fluffiness and resilience, ensuring a cocoon of warmth on the chilliest days. The meticulous selection of materials speaks directly to a pet parent's desire for unmatched quality, translating into superior warmth retention, a feature particularly sought after in the colder seasons.

Luxurious Comfort Meets Functional Design

Beyond warmth, the vest boasts a nylon fabric exterior, a strategic choice valued for its dual benefits: an indulgent feel and a practical non-sticky surface that wards off fur adherence. This fusion of luxury and functionality underscores its appeal, making it a favored choice amongst discerning pet owners. The dog puffer vest's practicality extends to its adjustable waist, equipped with an elastic rope that promises a customized fit. This adjustability not only caters to different chest sizes but also ensures ease of movement, a critical aspect of daily wear.

Accessorize for Extra Protection: Snood Compatibility

While the vest itself is a fortress against the cold, its design thoughtfully acknowledges the potential for accessorizing. Notably, a snood, available separately, can complement the vest. Pairing the two provides an additional layer of protection against brisk weather, essentially offering a comprehensive solution for pet warmth. The pairing reaffirms the vest’s status as a versatile piece, capable of adapting to varying degrees of chill.

Investing in the Ulahound Adjustable Puffer Dog Vest is an investment in comfort, warmth, and style. It's an essential piece that addresses the intricate needs of keeping your furry friends warm, content, and stylish in their outdoor pursuits, redefining the typical dog walking experience and setting a new standard in the pet apparel industry. Its features resonate with the requirements of pet owners, making it a stellar choice in the realm of dog comfort solutions.



    Care Instruction:

    Hand wash or machine wash with cold water and mild detergent.


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