WeatherFlex RoverShell Dog Jacket

Embrace Every Season: Comfort, Style, WeatherFlex Protection.


Size: XS

Size Chart

<How to measure your dog>

For correct measurement,
measure when your dog is standing in its natural position.


Measure the thickest girth of the chest and choose the right size from the size chart.

STEP 02 Measure from the shoulder blade to right before the tail.
Check if the chosen size is too short or long.

STEP 03 Measure the thickest girth of the neck and check if the chosen size is appropriate.

<Size Chart>

Size Chart - XXS to XXL - WeatherFlex Insulated Dog Jacket
Please don’t hesitate to contact 2&4 Pets if you have any questions about size checking, we are ready to help!

The size may differ by 1 to 3 cm depending on the design and fabric of products.
WeatherFlex RoverShell: The Perfect Fusion of Urban Chic and Outdoor Resilience

The WeatherFlex RoverShell, designed for the urban adventurer and their four-legged companion, combines advanced nylon elastic mountaineering fabric with a striking metallic shine wrinkled texture. This innovative blend not only offers premium touch and comfort but also boasts exceptional elasticity, durability, and water-repellent properties.

Advanced Technology for Unmatched Protection

Empowered with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) technology, the RoverShell achieves a level 4 waterproof rating, ensuring top-notch protection in wet conditions. The fabric's high color fastness (3.5-4 grade) guarantees lasting vibrancy, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The lightweight 2L composite high-transparency PU silver film further bolsters its protective capabilities, making the RoverShell an ideal choice for lightweight outdoor windbreakers and functional rain jackets. Its climate-resilient design ensures comfort in damp, cold, or windy conditions, excelling in performance and style.

Designed for Convenience and Interaction

The RoverShell's focus on portability and human-pet interaction is evident in its unique feature – a detachable cross-body bag integrated on the back. This handy accessory is perfectly sized to carry essentials like wallets, phones, dog treats, and waste bags, allowing pet owners to enjoy hands-free convenience without the need for an additional bag. Like the RoverShell, this mini bag also possesses excellent water-repellent properties, keeping your belongings dry in outdoor settings.

The WeatherFlex RoverShell symbolises the blend of modern urban life and outdoor adventure, providing unparalleled comfort, protection, and convenience for pets and their owners. Embrace city and light outdoor moments with your furry friend in the RoverShell – where every walk becomes a stylish and comfortable journey.


Product Features:
- Advanced Nylon Elastic Fabric
- Metallic Shine Wrinkle Texture
- Level 4 Waterproof Rating
- High Color Fastness
- Lightweight 2L PU Silver Film
- Climate-Resilient Design
- Detachable Cross-Body Bag
- Urban Chic Meets Outdoor Resilience


Care Guide:
Machine or Handwash with cold water, gentle cycle with similar colours.

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