The Importance of Scent Games for Your Dog: A Guide for new pet-owners

Why Sniffing Matters to Your Furry Friend?


It's fascinating to note that a dog's sense of smell is vastly more powerful than that of a human.

To put it into perspective, a dog can detect a single drop of blood in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Yes, you read that right! With such a keen sense of smell, providing opportunities for our dogs to engage in scent-related activities is not only natural but also incredibly enriching for them.

According to a 2019 study published in the journal 'Applied Animal Behaviour Science', sufficient sniffing activities can make dogs more optimistic and calm.


Outdoor Sniffing Games: Going Beyond The Walk


The Myth of Speed and Distance:

Many dog owners mistakenly believe that a quick walk or a long trek is enough to tire out their dogs. However, a brisk walk or jog along a pavement with a short leash hardly provides the mental stimulation dogs crave. As a result, you'll find your dog restless and possibly engaging in destructive behaviors shortly after returning home.

The Right Way to Walk:

Instead of focusing on speed and distance, slow down your walks. Opt for paths that have grass or are not paved with concrete. Consider using a longer leash like those from Molly & Stitch or the Walking Collection to allow your dog the freedom to follow its nose. The mental enrichment from slow, sniff-filled walks can make your dog more relaxed and less likely to engage in destructive behavior upon returning home.


Indoor Sniffing Games: Making The Most Of Playtime


For High-Energy Dogs:

If your dog has an abundance of energy, or if you can't provide enough outdoor playtime, consider indoor scent games as a way to channel that energy productively.

Training Aid for Home-Alone Time:

Scent toys are excellent tools for training dogs to stay alone at home. They can distract a dog when its owner is out, providing mental stimulation that eases tension. For example, a familiar treat inside a scent toy can be a fantastic stress-reliever.

Eating Too Fast?

For dogs that eat too quickly, scent toys can help slow them down. Simply hide some kibble in a scent toy and watch as your dog takes its time to find and eat it.

Hygiene and Rotation:

It's a good idea to have 2-3 scent toys on hand. This allows you to alternate between them, preventing the accumulation of dirt. Products like the ALL IN ONE TOY: NOSE WORKS can be machine washed for added convenience.

Work From Home Woes:

For those who work from home, you've likely faced moments where you need to focus on a meeting but your dog gets overly excited. A scent toy can distract them efficiently, making your life easier.


Final Thoughts

From interactive dog toys to high-quality leashes designed for exploratory walks, various pet products can help you implement these beneficial scent games and activities. Engaging your dog's sense of smell is not just a fun way to play; it's a vital aspect of their well-being and mental health.

So next time you're shopping for dog supplies online or planning a day out, remember the incredible benefits that scent activities can offer your dog.

Happy Sniffing!😉🐶


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