The Ultimate Pet-friendly City Travel Solution 🐾

Tackling London Transport Challenges with iCANDOR's JIGE PET CARRIER BAG


Living in bustling UK cities, especially London, often means a heavy reliance on public transport. However, with frequent transport strikes😟 and delays😡, commuting has turned into a logistical headache for many.

Add a four-legged family member into the mix, and the situation gets even trickier. Opting for pet-friendly taxi services like Uber Pet can become very expensive, particularly during unexpected situations.

Why not explore cycling as a pet-friendly and cost-effective travel alternative?

The iCANDOR's JIGE BAG, your ultimate pet travel solution. Specially designed for outdoor adventures, this versatile pet carrier bag enables you to securely and comfortably transport your dog or cat wherever you go.

But it's not just an urban cycling accessory; this multi-functional pet bag excels in various settings with your pet, from long-distance biking and hiking trips to mountaineering expeditions, camping adventures, and train journeys.

Say goodbye to pet travel woes and embrace freedom with iCANDOR's JIGE BAG.


JIGE Bag | Pet Travel Backpack - Black
JIGE Bag | Pet Travel Backpack - Black

Key Features of this spacious pet carrier backpack:

  1. Comes in two sizes, suitable for dogs up to 12 kg.
  2. Three ventilation mesh windows on the front and sides that can be opened fully.
  3. Structurally stable with robust support to maintain its shape and offer ample space for your pet.
  4. Additional cushioning at the bottom to make it a "VIP area" for your dog.
  5. Interior safety leash to prevent sudden jumps.
  6. Completely waterproof and weighs just 1.5 kg, with multiple pockets and zippers for storage.
  7. Extra padded straps and detachable waist belt for added support.


The detachable waist belt can hold poop bags, your phone, keys, and other small items, making it an ideal accessory for daily dog walks!


JIGE Bag | Pet Travel Backpack

⚠️ Important:

  • Dogs may need some time to adjust to the bag. Desensitise them by practicing at home first.
  • Start with short trips and always secure the safety leash to your pet's harness.

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